David Boyne

Technical Lead @Comparethemarket. Organiser of Agile-Peterborough. Speaker & evangelist of JavaScript, Agile Principles and helping others.

How to build and host a React application faster than making yourself a hot drink...

Turn on the kettle, and make and host your React application. Your application will be up and hosted before your hot drink is ready...

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Test and share your localhost React applications for any device or person for fast feedback.

I come across a simple tool the other day that allows you to showcase or test your local apps anywhere and you can get setup less than a minute. In this post we will take a look.

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Build a simple component to handle media queries in ReactJS

I have been exploring a quick and easy way to add Media queries in React using styles and a simple wrapper component. Together we will quickly explore and create a simple to use MediaQuery component.

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Developing components as a team

A problem with components is that they can be opinionated. What I class as a component might not be what you would class as a component and vice versa. Take a look at this simple exercise that can help you and your team define components and start working together.

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Automating documentation for your React components

In this post we will cover why you might need to document your components and how you can easily achieve this with React...

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Creating React templates in WebStorm

I recently came across some WebStorm templates and thought I would share my React templates with you...

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