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Developing components as a team

Components are awesome. They can encapsulate our HTML, JavaScript and CSS into reusable, tested and packaged code.

A problem with components is that they can be opinionated. What I class as a component might not be what you would class as a component and vice versa.

When working in a team, sharing ideas and knowledge is important. So how do we make sure we are on the same page when it comes to building components as a team?

In this post we will look into the thought process when we break our applications down into components, and how we bridge the gap between our thoughts and the thoughts of other developers around us.

So lets get started.

Breaking down applications

When building any type of application its common practice that we break down our application into smaller parts. This allows us to understand how our application will be built.

React gives us the ability to create components and components allow us to break down our applications very easily.

Lets take a look at how we could break down my Twitter profile page into components.

Take a minute to think, if you were to build this page out of components how would you do it?

Here are some of my initial thoughts:


<CoverPage />
<ProfileSideBar />
<Navigation />
<GlobalSearch />
<ProfileNav />
<TimeLine />
<Tweet />
<Trends />
<Button />

When looking at my components I can almost guarantee one of two thoughts might of crossed your mind:

  • You agree with the components I have highlighted
  • You disagree with the components I have highlighted

Regardless if you agree or disagree I think this highlights an interesting problem we can have when designing and creating components with other people.

Components are opinionated.

Its the same when we do almost any kind of work in teams, we are always in agreement or disagreeing. But the key is we work together to find a common ground and move forward together as a team.

I have been working on a React training course and an exercise from the course can help you and your team start thinking of components together and collaboratively.

Lets take a look at the simple exercise.

Team exercise

  1. Print out an existing web application or create some wireframes of a new application (like my Twitter example above).

    The application could be a real example from your business or maybe a random website.

    Either way you want to provide an example where your team can break down the given application into components.

  2. Gather your team together and hand everybody a print out of the example application and a pen or highlighter.

  3. Give your team time and ask them to highlight or write down any components they might see on the page.

  4. Once they have completed the task, go around the room and ask them to individually talk through their components and their thought process.

Thats it.

Told you it was simple ;)


This exercise should provide you with a few outcomes:

  • Insight into how the team define and build components
  • Insight into the teams thought process
  • Open up communication between the team
  • Collaboration across the team


When we look at Art we all see something different.

When we build applications we will all build them slightly different.

When we build components we will all build them slightly different.

Team collaboration is key for a successful team. When your team is collaborating and on the same page you will be able to move faster than ever.

As I mentioned earlier in this post. Components are awesome. But if we build components in isolation, without our team or without basic documentation then they can potentially become painful.

Check out my post on Automating documentation for your React Components

The exercise I have shared in the post will not be enough, but its a good start.

Its up to you and your team to continue to build your relationships and work together to define your applications and your components.

I would love to hear how you are working with React in your team?

If you have any questions just tweet me, or leave a comment.