David Boyne

Technical Lead @Comparethemarket. Organiser of Agile-Peterborough. Speaker & evangelist of JavaScript, Agile Principles and helping others.

Using schemas to validate redux-forms

Yup with redux-form is pretty cool. Using schemas to validate our forms is very powerful....

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Goodbye ../../../

I have recently been writing a React application and recently ran into a little webpack gem I thought I would share...

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Web developers are now mobile developers

The slides cover, why we went for hybrid and our decisions to use ionic. It covers our continuous delivery / integration approach for delivering the mobile application and the teams thoughts on using Ionic for mobile development...

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React.createClass vs extends React.Component

React.createComponent and extends React.Component give us the same results. The ability to create React components...

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Introduction to ES6/7

If you haven’t heard of JavaScript ES6 or ES7 yet, then you must have been living in a cave over the past year. Take a look at my presentation to see if it can help...

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React or Angular2

I spent just over week gathering information online and through talks about the two and created a slide deck comparing them...

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