David Boyne

Technical Lead @Comparethemarket. Organiser of Agile-Peterborough. Speaker & evangelist of JavaScript, Agile Principles and helping others.

The Pomodoro Technique - Making the most out of 25 minutes

I just experienced and completed my first ever pomodoro (experiencing my second pomodoro writing this blog post) and I’m going to share with you what I learnt and managed to achieve and hopefully inspire you to try and do the same...

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Keeping motivated in IT

Four brief summary’s of ways in which people can keep motivated within the IT industry...

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Why autonomy is so important for individuals, teams and companies

I recently came across a thought provoking blog from Mike Hadlow which got me thinking about the importance of autonomy in teams and what it means for developers. In this post I will share from experience how autonomy can lead to motivated, self organising and passionate teams, and how dangerous things can get if teams don't have it or it's taken away from them...

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Standups - Moving from people to stories

We spent too much time focusing on people and their days rather than focusing on the stories. Lets focus on people again...

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Value in Code

Question the requirement. Keep it simple. So many people make this mistake...

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Benefits of crossing the divide between front-end and back-end development

Developers come in all shapes and sizes (literally…) and the web community is so huge and growing at such a rate its hard for developers to keep up to date. Due to this developers tend to pick an area of technology (front-end or back-end) and stick with it for years..

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